Selected Praise for The Fell Society


- NatalieChaco

"This is like a Harry Potter spin-off directed by Tim Burton. Damn."

- illynoi

"This is one helluva's a masterpiece."

- Goodmanb

"The first paragraph and you've got me hooked. Damn."

- book_nerd_me​

"This is the kind of book I want to see adapted to screen because I'm sure the pictures in my head don't do it justice. The Fell Society is such an enrapturing book. Some people are geniuses and Phil Kessler is on the top of the list."

- Tintindew

"You killed me, damn. I love this. All of it. It's so magnificently heartbreaking to end like this. Geez is there a sequel? I'm emotionally, mentally, literally heartbroken and joyful to have discovered this masterpiece. Thank you! I will gratefully wait and support you. Hope it will come out soon :')) Thank you."

- Missevenn

"This is truly a masterpiece, thank you."

- IllReachForTheStars

"If this isn't one of the most amazing books I've read both on and off Wattpad, then I don't know what is! I loved reading every part of it. This is a great book and I now see why it won a Watty Award. I hope the rest of the trilogy comes out real soon. I could just go on and on but I guess I gotta end here."

- Baabaroyale

"That was INTENSE."

- Immortals

"Hoping for your success! I'll surely buy your books when they get published."

- drunken_reveries

"My heart is racing. I DIDN'T APPRECIATE IT ENOUGH. I need more time!"

- watch_me_write

"How is it that you get the mind and world of young women so good, even better than women themselves? I'm sooo loving your story right now!"

- justivia

"You made me like Eleanor, then hate her, then like her again! As another commenter said: you are getting into the heads of these women astoundingly well."

- shimawrites