Song of Parkland

HBO Documentary

​*Two Emmy Award Nominations*


The documentary follows the Marjory Stoneman Douglas drama students, who helped bring their community together following the Parkland shooting. The film includes original songs written by the students, interviews, and scenes from walk-outs and rallies across the country by young people inspired by the Parkland activists.

“A wallop of emotion, inspiration” -LA Times

“Equal parts uplifting and heartbreaking” -CNN

The Fell Society


​*Winner of The Wattys*


Debut novel The Fell Society was winner of The Wattys, the world’s largest online writing competition. The Fell Society was selected from among 140,000 entries to win the 2016 Writer’s Debut Award. The Fell Society has been read online over 80,000 times.

The Number on Great-Grandpa's Arm

HBO Documentary

​*Emmy Award Winner*

When ten-year-old Elliott asks his 90-year-old great-grandfather, Jack, about the number tattooed on his arm, he sparks an intimate conversation about Jack’s life that spans happy memories of childhood in Poland, the loss of his family, surviving Auschwitz and finding a new life in America.

“Impeccably crafted, warmly poetic” - Chicago Tribune

“Finally, an age-appropriate Holocaust movie for young viewers” - Tablet Magazine

“Gentle and genius” - NY Daily News

Classical Baby: The Lullaby Shows

Two HBO Specials

​*Emmy Award Winner*

Featuring songs from around the world brought to life through magical animation, The Lullaby Shows are a transporting mix of music and art– and the perfect introduction to some of the dreamiest music ever written.

What We Don't Talk About

Student Film

Wrote, cast, directed, shot, and edited the film in three days.


Selected to be screened at the F&M Student Film Showcase by award-winning writer and director Josephine Decker from 200 works. Displayed on loop in Phillips Museum of Art for several weeks. Featured in Student Juried Art Show, selected by a council of jurors from 125 works.


Gaming News Website

Created news website following The Sims video game franchise. Hired five employees to perform various activities. Performed research to find current news items and trends. Wrote and published hundreds of news and opinion articles that garnered over 1,000,000 views. Designed graphics for posts and website layout. Cultivated a community of over 30,000 active followers.


Sims4News has been referenced and sourced by many gaming websites, including: Wired, Kotaku, Toovia, IGN, Gamona, Reddit, Gamebreaker, Talk Amongst Yourselves, Game Informer, and Game Skinny.


What Happened on September 11

HBO Documentary

The documentary short features personal stories from survivors and family members, classroom scenes exploring 9/11 through artwork, poetry and interviews with educators, along with archival news footage and powerful photos. The film also provides background on the construction of the World Trade Center towers, the history of lower Manhattan, the rise of Al Qaeda and the harrowing experiences of New York residents who found themselves caught up in the unexpected and tragic day.

In the Shadows of the Towers: Stuyvesant High on 9/11

HBO Documentary

Drawing on intimate access to eight student eyewitnesses, many from immigrant families, In the Shadows of the Towers: Stuyvesant High on 9/11 offers a unique perspective on this tragic day. The documentary weaves footage of the attack with compelling interviews with the students, who, as young teenagers, found themselves fleeing debris in the heart of the danger zone and faced with a harrowing journey home. Now adults, they speak with feeling about the backlash against minority communities that followed the attack and the deep friendships with classmates that got them through.

We Are the Dream: The Kids of the Oakland MLK Oratorical Fest

HBO Documentary

​*Emmy Award Winner - Outstanding Children's Program*


We Are the Dream features the Oakland Unified School District’s MLK Oratorical Festival in California – one of the many oratorical competitions that take place in communities across the country. The documentary follows students from schools across the city in the months leading up to the 40th annual festival, as they rehearse their speeches in classrooms and in their homes, hoping for a coveted spot in the finals.

Through interviews with the contestants and scenes of rehearsals and performances, the film reveals the deep connection the students make between King’s words and the world they live in.


Paranormal Caught on Camera

Travel Channel Series

Travel Channel adds to its extensive catalogue of shows about ghostly occurrences with this series. It's a catch-all for what the network calls "amazing, eye-opening and downright scary" paranormal videos from around the world, all captured by eyewitnesses.


In addition, a panel of knowledgeable specialists in the field breaks down the footage and analyses exactly what was filmed, and the people lucky enough to witness firsthand the strange phenomena offer their accounts. All told, it just might make a believer out of even the biggest sceptics.

Interfaith Center Homepage

Nonprofit Website Redesign

Assessed technological and financial limitations for the nonprofit and advised the board of directors on a course of action. Presented staff with concepts for the new website. Addressed issues with old website and worked to streamline user experience.


Constructed and launched brand-new website for the Interfaith Center with hundreds of unique pages. Trained staff to use the new system, which allowed Interfaith to function independently for the first time.


The Osbournes Want to Believe

Travel Channel Series

They might be known as the first family of darkness, but when it comes to the paranormal, legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne, are borderline skeptics. Determined to turn them fully to the other side, Jack reunites with Ozzy and Sharon to share the craziest, most jaw-dropping videos of supernatural activity ever caught on camera.


During each hour-long episode, Jack reveals a series of mind-blowing paranormal clips from the great beyond for his parents, Ozzy and Sharon, to witness. From Bigfoot to UFOs, poltergeists, creepy dolls and unexplained apparitions, the couple will review – and critique – each caught-on-camera moment, a compilation of Jack’s favorite pieces of evidence.


Not ones to shy away from honesty and humor, there’s no shortage of fun, antics and lively commentary in the Osbourne screening room.